Image 'Applications from A-Z'


Public utility companies, bus companies,
Bundeswehr tanks, helicopters and driving gears for maintenance and service
Police maintenance and service

Automotive industry
Automotive parts prior to coating or lacquering
Cylinder heads, diesel injection pipes, injection pump housings,
injector nozzles, cylinder bearing surfaces, exhaust pipes, press filters,
precision measurement tools
brake fluid degassing with US


Ball bearing industry
Special components, also completely mounted ball bearings, roller bearings and needle bearings,
roller bearings for windmills etc.


Chemical and food laboratories
Glass bottles, pipettes and other lab facilities

Clock making industry
plates, housings, drilled gears and other technology, navigation systems

Cutlery industry
knives, tweezers, scissors etc.
silver and INOX cutlery,
knife blades after processing


Dye industry
Varnish paint manufacturers/users of mixers


Electrical industry
Spray cleaning of DBC systems, oscillating crystals, ceramic, glass and Ferrit parts, relay mechanisms, semiconductors, battery cells, data display units, fault-current circuit breakers, multilayer condensers, cables, contact sets, sensors etc.

Electro-plating shop
All kinds of polished parts prior to electro-plating


Fittings industry
Fittings of all types prior to galvanisation

Food industry
Plastic transport boxes for bottles, pastries, meat, vegetables etc.
closures, packagings, beer barrels

Food processing industry
Packaging parts, bottle and barrel cleaning


Spectacle frames, hinge-joints and glasses

Glass industry
Forms for glass manufacturing, glasses, bowls, bottles, bulbs, mirrors, glass tubes etc


Home appliances
Parts prior to enameling, pump parts prior to lacquering, gear parts

Cleaning of medical instruments prior to sterilisation, bulbs, spray bottles, glass containers, packaging


rings, necklaces, bracelets, glass jewelry, lighters
jewelry of all kind


Medical technology
Cannulaes, dental and surgical instruments, bulbs, spray bottles, glass containers

Metal industry
Zinc diecasting parts, sintered metal parts, aluminium forms, steel forms, indexable inserts,
gear parts
brass, copper band etc. in through-feed method, wire cleaning

Mirror manufacturers
Car mirrors etc.

Museums and collections


Nuclear power stations/ nuclear power research
Decontamination, cleaning of meltdown residues


Oil processing
Paint sieves, oil degassing

Optical industry
spectacle-lenses, prisms, high-quality optical devices made of glass or plastics up to surface conditioned for coating, spectacle frames


Pharmazeutical industry
Pill stamps, glass and aluminium bottles, medical packaging

Photocopying machines
Toner contamination, bearing systems

Photographic industry
CD matrices, camera housings, shutters, bearing jewels, frames, lenses and parts of photometers

Plastics industry
Coated plastic parts after electro-plating, plastics parts prior to coating and lacquering in the automotive industry, plexiglass parts, Makrolon discs, lacquering masks, radio and TV housings,
clock parts etc.
Spinning nozzles in the plastic silk production, forms for spinning nozzle production

Precision mechanics industry
Drills, milling tools, bolts, bearings, parts of counting devices and measuring instruments (also of electricity meters), smear heads of electric razors, pencil-sharpener blades, ballpoints, fountain pens, needles, sintered bearings, spinning nozzles, filling pumps, parkometers, pneumatic valves, measuring tools etc.

Printing plants
Label printing devices, other printing equipment; paint-pots, bottom dies, print rolls, printing machine parts, screen printing masks, screen printing frames, counting devices etc.


Railway organisations
Brake valves, mountings, measuring devices, damper parts, gears, light curtains etc.

Refrigeration engineering and air-conditioning technology
Filters, compressor parts

Rubber goods industry
Pressing moulds for rotary shaft seals, rubber rings, ceramic forms for rubber gloves


Sewing machine industry
grippers, gears, needles etc.

Sintered materials
Ferrit parts, sintered bearings, artificial carbon parts, carbide tips, graphite parts, fuel pump wheels

Solar technology
Wafer and piping systems

Sporting and hunting arms
Gunlocks and magazines, gun and pistol barrels

Cleaning of medical instruments prior to sterilisation


relais, numerous components

Test authorities/municipal utilities
electricity meter, control units

Textile industry
Spinning nozzles, eye let, healds, degassing of spinning nozzle liquids etc.

Tooling industry
pressing moulds, screw taps, bolt dies, calipers, micrometers, measuring tools, milling tools, drilling tools, saws, carbide tips etc.


Vacuum technology
Parts of vacuum pumps, vacuum valves and conducts


Wire drawing industry
Drawing die, round and flat wire
Precious wire cleaning

circular saw blades, saw blades, milling tools, throughput cleaning machines for band saw blades