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Here you will find our "Code of Conduct ", an anonymous whistleblower system, our environmental guideline and our human rights manual (ethics guideline).

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is intended to provide our employees with guidance and prevent undesirable actions. We expect responsible, ethically correct and integrity behavior from employees, also from third parties such as business partners and suppliers, so that the company's reputation is not damaged.

KLN Ultraschall AG (KLN) is committed to promoting and supporting the basic principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in its operations.

KLN wishes to integrate all its suppliers, service providers and subcontractors (hereinafter "Suppliers") into this approach of continuous progress. The objective is to express KLN's and its subsidiaries' expectations towards their suppliers (existing or potential) in terms of CSR. This applies to all KLN suppliers and is part of the documentation required by KLN for its discussions as evidence. It shall also be included in contractual documents.

The supplier undertakes to comply with and implement all principles, in compliance with the relevant contractual and national legal provisions, and to have its own suppliers, service providers and subcontractors comply with and implement them. The supplier undertakes to establish in its organization the rules and procedures necessary to ensure compliance with the commitments provided and to evaluate them regularly. The commitments defined in this document cannot be interpreted in a way that would change commitments signed by the Supplier in the commercial contracts with KLN.

Whistleblower system

Serious notes help us to counteract violations at an early stage and avert damage to our company, our employees and our business partners. We therefore offer the possibility of contacting us in order to anonymously report violations.

All KLN employees, as well as customers, suppliers and other third parties, have the opportunity to provide information.

We protect the interests of whistleblowers not only by setting up this secure whistleblowing system, but also by promising to treat incoming notes confidentially and to protect whistleblowers acting to the best of our knowledge with all necessary means against any disadvantages resulting from a report.

However, in the course of clarifying the information, we also take into account the interests worthy of protection of the persons affected by a report.

Please bear in mind that suspicions and accusations against a person can have serious consequences for that person. We therefore encourage you to use the whistleblowing system responsibly.

Anonymous reports

  • You have the option to provide us with information without disclosing your identity.
  • A tracing of your identity is excluded.
  • Your report will be sent to our company via e-mail form without providing any personal data.
  • Your report will be processed by us with all necessary sensitivity and seriousness. The content will be forwarded to our management board.

All fields must be filled in. Formulate your message as detailed as possible.

Environmental Guideline

This guideline clarifies KLN Ultraschall AG's attitude towards the management of environmental and climate issues and defines relevant ground rules and responsibilities. Our goal is to provide innovative, efficient and sustainable business solutions in industrial special machine construction. We require all employees to take an active interest in the management of environmental risks.

Our goal:

To proactively protect the environment through sustainable business practices and procedures, reduce health and safety risks and climate change impacts, increase the energy efficiency of KLN Ultraschall AG's operations and products, reduce waste generation, prevent pollution and ensure responsible waste disposal.

Human Rights/ Ethics Policy

The Human Rights Policy/Ethics Policy is our commitment to respect human rights for all employees and all those impacted by our business activities, our business relationships, our supply chain and our products.

KLN respects and supports internationally recognized human rights at all of our locations. Our Human Rights Policy is based on the International Bill of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and its Follow-up, the principles of the UN Global Compact and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP).

We strive to prevent and, if necessary, eliminate negative impacts on people affected by our business activities, our business relationships, our supply chain and our products. Positive impacts, on the other hand, we aim to further strengthen and drive. To fulfill this responsibility, we expect the same from all our business partners and suppliers, including their subcontractors.